Meet the Sedevacantist Anti-Popes

“By their fruits you shall know them.”

Over the past 40 years, the Sedevacantist sects have produced an unprecedented number of antipopes – that is, men who were either elected “Pope” by a small band of Sedevecantists (these are called “Conclavists”), or individuals who claim to have been appointed Pope directly (and secretly) by God (these are known as “Mysticalists”). The following are a just a few of these individuals. These are just some of the “fruits” of the Sedevacantist movement.

“Habemus Anti-Papam”

“Pope Michael”

The layman David Bawden was elected “Pope” in 1990 by a conclave of six persons, which included himself and his parents. Bawden took the name “Pope Michael” and currently lives with his mother in Kansas.  He claims to have been ordained as bishop several decades after his election by a bishop of the heretical Old Catholic church. In a recent documentary, Bawden claims to have approximately 50 followers world-wide.  These alone, he says, are the member of the true Catholic Church.  The documentary can be viewed here.  

Pope Hadrian VII (Francis Schuckardt).  Founder of the CMRI sect. 

Schuckardt left the Catholic Church in the late 1960’s and soon thereafter was ordained to the priesthood, and then consecrated a bishop the next day, by Daniel Q. Brown, a married bishop of the heretical Old Catholic church (Brown was also a fallen away Catholic).  Schuckardt c
laims to have been appointed Pope by the Blessed Mother in 1978.  Six years later (1984), Schuckardt's number two man at the CMRI, Dennis Chicione, announced from the pulpit that Schuckardt had been sexually molesting his seminarians (four of whom testified to it in sworn statements) and abusing drugs.  After a messy legal battle, the Antipope left the CMRI and found another sect, the “Tridentine Latin Rite Catholic Church,” which he remained with until his death in 2006.  link   The CMRI is the heretical sect that Mario Derkson, of Novus Ordo Watch, joined after he publicly defected from the faith in 2005.   In this video, Fr. Jenkins explains the sorted history of Schuckardt and the CMRI.

“Pope Peter II”

Maurce Archieri claims to have been appointed the true Pope in 1995 by the Holy Ghost. He took the name Peter II.

Another “Pope Peter II”

William Kamm, aka, “the little Pebble,” claims to have been appointed as Pope by the Blessed Virgin Mary, who gave him the name Peter II. Kamm gathered more than a thousand followers in several countries, some of whom lived communally as members of a religious order known as the Order of Saint Charbel. In 2005, Kamm was sentenced to jail for sexual relations with two minor girls. He did not deny the relations, but claimed that the Virgin Mary had appeared to him in an apparition and authorized him to take as many as 84 “mystical wives.” link

“Pope Gregory XVII”

Clemente Domínguez y Gómez (d. 2005) who went by the name Gregory XVII claimed to be the successor of Pope Paul VI.  He was supported by the Palmarian Church that was started in 1978.  Domínguez claimed that he was visited by Christ, along with St. Peter and St. Paul, who told him:

“The reign of the Glory of the Olives has begun... A great day today, in which you are vested with the Office of Pope, … The great Pontificate of the Glory of the Olives begins … He will not delay long before taking up the sword and fulfilling the mission of emperor and great monarch... It was also foretold in prophecies in past times how this Pope would be elected: namely through the direct intervention of the Apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul.”

       On 15 August 1978, he was crowned “Pope” by four of his newly created Cardinals in a coronation held in Seville in Spain. According to his supporters, Pope Gregory XVII was destined to be the last Pope, and would be crucified and die in Jerusalem. In the 1990s, Gregory XVII was accused of sexual impropriety with several of his priests and nuns. In 1997 he admitted to it and begged forgiveness. He died on 22 March 2005.  His sect immediately canonized him, giving him the title “Pope Saint Gregory XVII, the Very Great.” link

Yet another “Pope Peter II”

Manuel Alonso Corral had been named to succeed Gregory XVII (above) in 2000, and was appointed Pope following his death in March of 2005 (with no election). He also took the name Pope Peter II and died on July 15, 2011. link

“Pope Gregory XVIII”

Peter II (above) was succeeded by Sergio María Ginés Jesús Hernández y Martinez. He began his reign as antipope on on July 15, 2011, taking the name Gregory XVIII.  He served as head of the Palmaraian church until 2016, when he resigned, declared the church to be a hoax, and moved in with his girlfriend.   link

“Pope Leo XIV”

Oscar Michaelli (picture unavailable) was elected by a group of 34 individuals on March 24, 2006 and took the name Pope Leo XIV. He died in February of 2007.  

Pope Innocent XIV”

Oscar Michaelli (above) was succeeded by Juan Bautista Bonneti, who was elected in February 2007, taking the name Innocent XIV.  He resigned in May of the same year and was succeeded by Alexander XI.

“Pope Alexander IX”

Alejandro Tomás Greico succeeded Juran Bautista Bonneti (above).  He was elected in 2008, taking the name Alexander XI.  He claims to reign over the True Remnant Church in exile.  Their website provides the following profession of faith for those Sedevacantist who seek to enter the Church:

I, NN., Putting God to witness I declare freely that I was born outside the Apostolic Roman Catholic Church, especially now, illuminated by the Light of Grace, I have with true faith all the articles of faith of our Holy Religion contained in the Apostles' Creed, the Nicene Creed and Creed of Athanasius.  In the same way, maintain that the Holy See was vacant since the death of His Holiness Pius XII acecida in 1958 and until 2006 there was on earth a true . Vicar of Christ condemn modernism and all the errors of false Vatican Council, convened by Antipope Roncalli, just as I condemn and anathematize the antipopes that happened to this: Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedict XVI and any other successor of these heretics is declared. I hold as true Faith my obedience to His Holiness Alejandro IX…promising him all my support and obedience.”

“Pope Pius XIII”

Lucian Pulvermacher (born Earl Pulvermacher) was born on April 20, 1918. He was elected Pope by a small conclave in October 1998 and took the name Pius XIII. He resided in Springdale, Washington, and died on  November 30, 2009.

“Pope Clement XIV”

Michal Collin, a priest from Lille, France and forerunner of the Sedevacantist antipopes, claimed to have been ordained a Bishop by Jesus Christ personally in 1936. He founded a religious order called The Order of the Mother of God (later changed to “Apostles of Infinite Love”).  In the 1950s, he claims to have been appointed Pope by “an unknown message” from the Virgin Mary. He died in 1974, but his sect lives on. He was succeeded by yet another “Pope Gregory XVII”

“Pope Gregory XVII”
Jean-Gaston Tremblay was born on September 8, 1928.  He was a member of the Apostles of Infinite Love, and succeeded Michael Collin (above), taking the name Pope Gregory XVII. He died on  December 31, 2011.

“Gregory XVIII”

On September 29, 2012, Michel Lavallée, aka, Father Mathurin of the Mother of God, was elected to succeed Tremblay. (link)

“Pope Linus II”

Victor Von Pentz of South Africa (born in 1953), was elected Pope by a small conclave in Assisi, while still a layman, in 1994.  Following the election, his supporters attempted to establish him in the Basilica of St. John Lateran. Four years later the lay Pope had himself consecrated bishop in London. His followers later declared his office vacant, ipso facto, when he disappeared from the scene.

Pope Linus was recently tracked down. According to his Linkedin page, he now works as the duty operations manager for Tascor E&D, a business supply and equipment company.


Alex said...

Someone knows where to this famous pope Linus went?

Anonymous said...

Looks like he's here:

Anonymous said...

If someone thought there was a true pope, they wouldn't be a sedevacantist.

TrueorFalsePope said...

"If someone thought there was a true pope, they wouldn't be a sedevacantist."

We call them Sedevacantist Antipopes because they were Sedevacantists who became antipopes. And interestingly enough, in some of his videos "Pope Michael" still refers to himself as a Sedevacantist.

darrell said...

You don't mention the true successor of Pius XII, Giuseppe Siri, elected 2 days before John23 appeared to the acclaim and praise of Jewish and Masonic organizations. See "Papal Imposters Full Movie" and "The Siri Project."

TrueorFalsePope said...

Siri was not an antipope. The only ones who claim he was Pope are the Sedevacantists. Here’s what Siri himself wrote on All Saints Day, November 1, 1958 - three days after the election of John XXIII, and five days after Sedevacantists claim he was elected Pope

“On this luminous and serene day linked to our lives, families and hopes, I have called you together to thank God for the election of our Holy Father John XXIII. The great paternity of God is, since the eve of October 28, represented by this Pope. In him we reencounter our Holy Father, whose visible image was extinguished after the holy death of Pius XII. … Let us thank God because we have a Pope again. (…)

“We have to thank God for the choice He made. Anyone who knew the Patriarch of Venice and has followed the first, brief hours of this pontificate, has already became aware of his great and lucid firmness without vacillations, brimming with a simple, cordial, expansive and appealing humanity. … Everything leads one to expect that a new warmth will be disseminated to make relations between Catholics and our separated brethren smoother. A new dawn has risen and it is singularly promising. Praised be to God!

“As we thank God, logic reminds us of the duty that binds us to the Vicar of Christ. It demands affection, reverence and obedience. These are conditions to receive divine favor, because no one can presume divine favor if he does not welcome the one whom Jesus Christ has chosen, in the form and measure determined by Him. At this moment we must clearly understand that we cannot ever separate Jesus Christ from His representative, the visible head of the Church in the world. The gesture of Christ choosing His Vicar always requires that fidelity, clarity, sincerity and reverence that is owed to him. (…) Let us treasure the sincere and manifest gesture of a father [the Pope], which calls for any contrary suggestions to be suspended.

“May God protect our Holy Father and give us the grace to be faithful to the integrity of our Faith and to His logic, being consistent to the end.” (Discorso al termine della funzione de ringraziamento celebrate nella Catterdrale de S. Lorenzo per L’elevazione al Sommo Pontificato de Giocanni XXIII – 1 Novembre 1958.)

TrueorFalsePope said...

Siri also accepted John Paul II as the true Pope. Here is what Siri wrote during Lent, 1985, after learning that John Paul II had accepted his invitation to visit Genoa:

“Dear brethren, dear faithful,

“On Christmas day 1984 I announced that the Sovereign Pontiff would come to Genoa. Now I can add that not only he will dedicate Sunday, September 22, to us, but also that he will give us Saturday afternoon of the 21st, thus having more time to be with the people. This visit is a great event. (…) John Paul II is changing the History of the Popes. (…) He traverses the roads of the world to raise the thoughts of men toward their Creator, thus offering crucial support to their moral conscience, for without God moral conscience either does not exist or does not resist any of the great temptations. … He goes as the Pastor of souls: He reminds men of the truths that save; he confirms them in Faith and Hope; he raises Charity; he defends the weak with the Truth; he calls for Justice (…)

“I invited the Pope to the Santuario della Guardia (Sanctuary of the Madonna of Guardia), and he, a great devotee of the Madonna, joyfully accepted … Now I invite you to reflect on who is the Pope. … He is the Vicar of Christ. The words of the Gospel are applied to John Paul II since the moment of his election, just as they were to Peter: “You are Peter and upon this rock I will build My Church, and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it. (…) The dignity of the Pope reflects something of the Majesty of God, and when we see him, simple and amiable with everyone, we should never forget that he is the Vicar of Christ (…) To receive the Pope well, we should consider him not just as a sovereign whose influence has no equal in the world, but as we would receive Jesus Christ Himself. … The visit of the Pope not only aligns us with him, but with God!” (Il Papa Viene a Genova! Lettera Pastorale Per La Quaresimma 1985).

Pedro Henrique de Lima said...

According to more than one source (i.e. Malachi Martin and Friar Michel de la Sainte Trinité) the Third Secret of Fatima (not released to the public) is about The Book of Revelation chapters 8 to 13. These talk partly about the seven destructive angelic trumpets that signify the collapse of religion, particularly the phenomenon of the Post-Vatican II Council new religion, that as of late is associated with LGBT "masses" and an underground gay lifestyle subculture admitted by several os its hierarchical figures (e.g. "Bishop" Morlino from Wisconsin). Sister Lucia of Fatima (see her Interview with Father Fuentes in 1957), who wrote the Third Secret, said the Third Secret was concerned with a punishment associated with Russia to be put in effect by 1960. Thus the Vatican II new religion is the crumbling object the seven angelic trumpets of Revelation continually destroy. And the proof the Vatican II religion means the Russian tiara substituting the papal tiara, is that Olavo de Carvalho (Brazilian philosopher interviewed by Nyquist a few times) himself noted, in a public talk (in reference to a book he was reading), that the Soviet spies present in the Vatican II Council reported there was nothing for them to do in there, the very ordinary participants of the council were doing the spies' job for them in ravaging religion. Of course the effects of the council were tragic, even according to some post-conciliar commentators and nonCatholics alike; the statistics and other qualitative details speak for themselves. The last three trumpets sounded by the last three angels are the famous Three Days of Darkness [that are not literal days] foretold by Blessed Anna Maria Taigi in the 19th century, other similar predictions having been made by people of repute among Catholics since then. These three days of darkness, according to Anna Maria Taigi, are to do with spiritual punishments coming from heaven, but also with temporal punishments coming from earth in the form of wars and revolutions. The Ukraine War signals the coming of these three days of darkness (which are not literal days, by the way, this being a symbolism); and the timing perfectly matches the Revelation chapters, for the three last trumpets begin after the fourth trumpet obscured a third of the sun, moon and stars. The obscuring of a third part is a symbol for a gradual process, for duality means gestation, thus getting rid of the third part means a progressive effect; and that the obscuring is to gradually take hold, until it reaches a momentum (three days of darkness or last three trumpets). This fourth trumpet that obscures sun, moon and stars, means the obscuring or waning of the secular signs of religious authority; the loss of credibility of religious authorities, especially within the Post-Vatican II religion, having reached an unprecedented accumulation, as is well known. And to prove the three last trumpets stand for three days, all you have to do is take into consideration that just as the fourth day of the week is Wednesday whether or not you count the days from first to last or from last to first; the destruction of the trumpets corresponding to the reverse order as compared to the Genesis seven days of creation; both the Genesis creation fourth day and the Trumpets' fourth day deal with the exact same object, namely, the sun, moon and stars. Other details can be given, but basically what is happening is that the three days preceding total collapse are approaching, and they are supposed to be fraught with wars and strange evils. The Revelation narrative is sufficient for one to interpret these events as meaning that the World as we know it will never return, and in fact has not been what it was ordinarily for some time. The blessed candles ("candele benedette") affording illumination during the three days of darkness, reffered to by Taigi, are the Benedictine monks from Rochester, the Dimond Brothers, who are the two witnesses of Revelation 11, the two olive trees and the two candlesticks during the darkness.

P. O'Brien said...

Are these guys even deserving of the title of "antipope"? More like "toy popes."