"Benevacantism" is the term many have used to describe the idea that Benedict remains Pope, but the meaning itself implies the opposite (that Benedict is still Pope).  The proper term would be "Beneplenefrancisvacantism."  We use "Benevacantism" only because this has become the commonly used phrase. 


Br. Bugnolo’s Attempt to Redefine Dogmatic Facts Backfires:He Ends by Proving Francis is the Pope

* More Flagrant Dishonesty from Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Br. Alexis Bugnolo redefines Dogmatic Facts to Justify "Beneplenist" Schism

Cardinal Ratzinger: Beneplentists are outside the Church.

The Peaceful and Universal Acceptance of a Pope

* Dogmatic Facts: The Doctrine that Proves Benedict's Abdication was accepted by Christ.  Part I

* For Each Objection, an Answer: Why Francis is Pope. Part II

Reply to "A Friendly Challenge to Robert Siscoe" Concerning the Legitimacy of Francis' Election.

Is the Doctrine of the Peaceful and Universal Acceptance a Heresy? Reply to a recent article.

Over 40 quotes from the 15th to 21st Century on the Peaceful and Universal Acceptance of a Pope. 

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