For decades, Fr. Anthony Cekada has been publicly promoting the position that the man elected to the papal office by the Church, and accepted as Pope by the Church, is not, in fact, a true Pope. In other words, for decades Fr. Cekada has been publicly promoting his own personal opinion, even though it is in direct opposition to the public judgment of the Church. Added to this, and demonstrating a profound lack of humility, he has publicly mocked, ridiculed and engaged in childishness name-calling against those Catholics who refuse to accept his personal opinion regarding this matter.

Because Fr. Cekada has chosen to reject the
judgment of the Church, and instead present his personal opinion as a fact which other Catholics must accept, we believe it is entirely appropriate for us to consider whether Fr. Cekada has the ability to form correct and sound judgments on moral and doctrinal issues. For our example, we will consider Fr. Cekada’s personal judgment regarding the Terri Schiavo case. We will also look at Fr. Cekada’s latest post (in response to our interview with Louie Verrecchio) and show that his arguments have hit a new intellectual low.

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